Happy Wednesday!

I have been in USA for 5 weeks now. Wow! I think it was the best decision I could have made for myself, my purpose and life to leave Asia to spend these two months in US. We gotta listen to our hearts and sometimes make the decisions to leave what is very good to be able to create space for something beyond amazing. It has been a healing journey for me here. I have taken my time to tune in and reflect over the past three years of intense traveling and living the life of a nomad. Living life without a fixed address. Years where through travel, I was exploring what makes life exciting, meaningful and authentic. So many countries, and so many adventures. Some of them crazy, some touching and some scary but all the experiences I have gained, all the lessons learned, all the challenges I have overcome and all the beautiful memories that have been made. Crazy magical life!

But now Life is calling again! 
Be good, do good and make a difference. What I have learned on my journey is that when Life calls we have two options; either we close our eyes and stay in the soul killing comfort of mediocre or we decide to say YES to Life. We have to put one foot in front of the other and walk forward. Let the legs shake and jaw shiver but off we go! We don´t have to know WHERE we are going as long as we are open for guidance something magical will happen and universe will provide us with signs on the way.

Am I scared? Yes, many times I am... but it is mixed up with an overdose of excitement. I know that I have no other option than say yes when Life calls. I know that on the other side of the fears lies the freedom I am longing for. I know that life is for living and I have to grow, evolve, expand and create the life experiences ? because what is the point of living otherwise?

So let me dance along with my fears and put myself out there. And off I go!