And there it was... Long awaited land appeared on the horizon... Australia... With all its wonders and mysteries it was finally welcoming me in real.

I was supposed to be here a year ago. That was the first plan - to travel the World within more less one year. But with the time passing by I learned that The World is like a big classroom where we get a chance to learn something new every day. And people are like the students. All of us are welcomed to find the truth but only some pay enough attention to the lessons and want to learn from them. Most of the students just spend their lives in this worldwide classroom without even realizing how much there is to discover. Their eyes are somnolently blinded. Looking but not seeing. They are existing, breathing... but just because someone is breathing doesn't mean he is alive. Being alive is like wakening up from this lethargy. Stepping out from the circle that is separating humans from the Wisdom. The circle that is marked around them by families, communities, by themselves. The circle that create the Comfort Zone. Just one step to go beyond it and see, experience, feel, learn. There is the time-less, space-less Universe out there. There is the LIFE there. I was able to go beyond my limits and experienced the simplicity of Beingness. I found Happiness. I stopped traveling and I became part of the Journey that is called My Life.

Where I am now, standing behind the wheel of the boat and staring at the new continent that I am getting closer and closer to, I know, I found what I was looking for. I gained a wisdom of a non-time and non-space Traveler. Not only knowledge but wisdom. I am nearly two years on the way now, learning every day. Nearly two years on the journey that I was afraid of when I was leaving everything behind and going to the London's airport. It might seem like I am still the same person but the experience I gained taught me how to use my knowledge, gave me the power to Believe, the power to Live my life in the present, in a way I want it to be. Now I know that everything in life is possible. You just need to believe it. Everything around might be saying "No" to you, but as long as you say "Yes", it is possible. As a human beings we have a chance to live our lives as we want it. There is no limits to stop us from fulfilling it with Happiness, except ourselves.

Searching for Happiness inside the Comfort Zone is like filling up our lives with empty glasses in hope they will serve us water one day. But when you wake up, when you get out of the foolish circle, when you open your eyes on the real World surrounding you, you have no need to collect the glasses for water, you simply get the water. And you drink from its source and you fill up your mind and body and you suddenly realize that The Happiness exist! You will shout out the happy words: "It exist! I am Happy! I am the Happiness!" This is the wisdom of people being awaken, being out of the circle, being out of the Comfort Zone. People who wants to see the World and learn the lessons. People who are Living and not existing. The wisdom of Traveler, I call it. The wisdom of human being realizing that every person is having a journey. No matter if it is geographically changing or not. The life is the journey. And every person is searching for the same - the Happiness. There is as many images of Happiness as many is the travelers. But there is not so may successful journeys. It is not easy to go beyond the Comfort Zone. Beyond what is called by the society: The Right Way Of Life. There is not many people gifted with this wisdom of Happiness existing around us, there is majority of those who are struggling to find it and complaining of not being able to do so. The truth is that being closed in this "self created reality", fulfilling everyone else's needs, not our own, we feel safe. We feel that we are doing right as the community says so. This is the Comfort Zone. And inside there, there is plenty of Dreams, plenty of hopes and plenty of sadness. People are breathing but not living. They learned that happiness is not achievable and most of them just stop even trying to get any closer to it. The truth is that when you search Happiness inside the circle, you just search for things you don't have, when you search outside the circle, you learn to see more and you find it within what you have. And you realize that Happiness is not something but it is EVERYTHING! It is not a thing that you can get but everything what you already have, just the way you see it!!! You learn that Happiness is You!


At the London's airport time was passing by very slowly. My thoughts were shifting from being proud and confident with what I have done to being afraid and lost with what am I going to do. I was still at the point I could go back, I was still in a place where I could see the bridge very clearly. I could go back, back to my job, be with my friends, get back with my boyfriend and live my life as normal as everyone else. But there was this voice in my head telling me: You are not Everyone Else. Now or Never! This is all-or-nothing journey. This is your life and you have a right to live it your way. Go and you will find what you are looking for!!! The dry voice announced through the speakers: "Final call to Delhi". My feet started to move in the direction of the gate E. I've decided to get out of the circle. For me it was the time to learn.

The plane had landed in India. Airport in Delhi smelled of curry. As I approached the immigration desk, I was welcomed by smiling Indian men asking:

- Purpose of travelling?

- Holidays - I answered with my biggest smile ever while thinking: "What a f... good question!"

- Place to stay... - was his next sentence.

- Oh, aaa... hostel in Delhi - I answered thinking: "I have no idea!". I've heard a heavy stamp marking my passport and got a big Indian men handling the documents back to me and saying: - Welcome to India. So... I collected the papers, passed by the gate and officially "entered" the country. I walked through the corridors ending up in a big hall, air-conditioned, filled up with people from around the world carrying with them their heavy baggages and even heavier life stories. It was then, I had stopped and looked around. Meeting faces, white, black, brown, yellow, pink and covered with burkas, I felt the whole world was melting in this one point into a mass of multinational or over-national energy flowing through the airport in different directions. I walked slowly towards the big glass door. It opened automatically and a breeze of hot dry air flushed my face covering it with goose skin. My hair flown around my head absorbing an exotic smell of this new country. The smell of dust, of curry, of sweat and of adventures. It was dark outside, the door closed behind my back cutting off all the "international mishmash". And it was then... a big smile covered my face, I didn't know where to go and what to do, but I knew I was at the right place. I was released... I was awaken and ready to learn.


That was a time ago and I travelled through many countries by now, experienced million stories and had a vast amount of adventures. I feel like I've achieved a lot on my life's journey and I know myself better than ever now. I believe we are all able to live our dreams, it is only a matter to discover a deeper passion, freed the mind and go for it. Life is passing by, my life story grown in pages, and I know I will one day seat down and try to understand more, try to learn from what I went by. What I learned, I wouldn't be able to learn anywhere else except the school of Real Experience. Traveling by air, land and water I was touching the Mother's Nature deepest secrets, I was meeting peoples most amazing stories and experiencing the moments in a state of magical nonexistence. Where the time doesn't exist and the distance is only a matter of imagination I learned some important lessons. Just to summarize:

1. Do not expect.

2. You are as special as everyone else. Everyone else is as special as you are.

3. Love should be unconditional.

4. People are awesome.

5. Freedom is in your heart.

6. Everything is possible.

7. Having less you can give more.

8. Sharing - the modern Utopia's philosophy.

9. Challenge yourself!

10. Learn something new every day.

Tomorrow I will get on the plane again, destination - Poland. It is about the time to see my family and friends, to share my experiences from the last two years and to learn about theirs. I am on the way back, but only by the geographical direction. I am definitely going forward, I am seeing more now. I learned a lot but this is not the end. My journey had started many years ago but only the last chapter is written by the wise person. And the book is not even at the action yet. I have no thinnest idea where I will be in the next few months' time, what I will be doing, who's paths I will be passing by and what will be the lessons I will learn, but I can assure you, it is not going to be boring and I can't wait to see these new chapters.


- So, when are you going home? - asked me my friend two years ago.

I want to go around the World and I will be back in one year time.

- So, when are you going home? - asked me my friend a year ago.

- But, where is it? This HOME?...

- So, when are you going home? - asked me my friend two days ago.

- I AM home... - was the answer  - The whole WORLD is my native land.

It is surprising how becoming more and more homeless makes you feel more and more at home...